Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Committee and Competition

The Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Committee (TMERC) is the peak body representing emergency response across the State's mining and mineral processing industry.

Image by Carol Maney
Image by Carol Maney
Image by Carol Maney
Image by Carol Maney
Image by Carol Maney

TMERC aims to promote:

  • communication, collaboration and the pursuit of industry best practice in emergency response.
  • support, facilitate and de-risk mutual aid by removing barriers, developing protocols and systems and installing minimum standards.
  • demonstrate emergency response in our minerals industry to be equally professional and trusted as SES, Fire and Ambulance services.

In 1986 the Tasmanian Mine Rescue Steering Committee (TMRSC) was formed as an initiative of Workplace Standards. In 2010 TMRSC was expanded to incorporate all mineral processing operations and was renamed the Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Committee, which reports to the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council Board.

The committee includes a senior representative from each mine or mineral processing facility that has an emergency response capability - typically the ER coordinator, OH&S Manager or Rescue Team Captain.

Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition

The biggest undertaking for the committee is the annual Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition. This competition commenced in 1986 and in 2011 extended from a one-day to a two-day competition.

In addition the Minerals Council secretariat resolved to seek support from sponsors, incorporate VIP events and ensure wide media coverage.

The goal of the competition was to ensure exposure to and practice of emergency care and response to the best possible standard.

Tasmania is the only Australian State to have emergency response staff from every underground mine, surface mine and smelter working and meeting together throughout the year.  In addition, it is the only State to have a universal emergency number so that 555 is phoned from any smelter or mine site if there is an emergency.

The Minerals Emergency Response teams contribute to the local community by responding and assisting in road accident emergencies, national park and bush land, fire protection and fire fighting and bushwalker rescue across the West Coast.

2015 Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition: 13 and 14 November

Location: Bluestone Mine, West Coast

The overall winner of the 2015 competition was MMG Rosebery.  The full list of results and individual event winners can be downloaded here: 

Article published in The Advocate on 16 October 2015 about the 2015 competition.  Click on it to view the full sized article.



2014 Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition

The Mercury's feature regarding the 2014 competition can be downloaded here

 The overall winner of the 2014 Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition was MMG Rosebery.

This was the first time in the competition’s 20 year history that it was held in the south at Nyrstar Hobart on 7 and 8 November 2014.

Tasmanian mine and smelter site emergency response teams competed in events including first aid, fire fighting, team skills, road crash rescue, confined space rescue, underground search and rescue, rope rescue and rescue theory.

The competing teams included: Grange Resources (two teams), Bell Bay Aluminium, Unity Mining’s Henty Gold Mine, Bluestone’s Rension Mine Rescue, MMG Rosebery, Cornwall Coal and a Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Committee team.

The competition concluded with an awards dinner where all the winners and special recognition awards were announced.  These included:

  • Vehicle Extrication Event - Grange Resources (Yellow)
  • Confined Space Rescue - MMG Rosebery
  • Team Skills/ Mutual Aid - Cornwall Coal
  • First Aid - MMG Rosebery
  • Fire Fighting - Grange Resources (Yellow)
  • Rope Rescue - MMG Rosebery
  • Surface Search and Rescue - Cornwall Coal
  • Underground Search and Rescue - Renison Mine
  • Team Safety Award - MMG Rosebery
  • Best Captain - MMG Rosebery and Grange Resources (Green)
  • Overall Runner up - Grange Resources (Yellow)
  • Overall Competition Winner - MMG Rosebery

Special Awards

Special Adjudicator and Recognition Sean Hetherington and Peter Cheesman.

Bravery Awards for Robert Butterfield and Lachlan Brown in recognition of their contribution and bravery during the emergency response at the Mount Lyell Mine.

Mutual Aid Awards for certificates of appreciation to those people who showed significant and commendable contribution made during the mutual aid emergency response at the Mount Lyell Mine. They included:

Copper Mines Tasmania:

James Atkinson, Wade Bailey, Michael Barnett, Dylan Carroll, Jason Clarke, April Crow, John Edwards, Paul Edwards, Andrew Forshaw, Luke Freeman, Phill Kemp, Bobby Lovell, Nathanial Oldmeadow, Chris Sheean, Carol Steyn, Shaun Stafford, Shane Sturges

Henty Gold Mine:

Tim Bednarz, Nathan Boag, Robert Bradshaw, Darren Brown, Daniel Cunningham, Simon Enman, Dale Jackson, Alesha McDermott, Jarrod McKenna

MMG Rosebery

Robert Button, Marcus Cook, Priya Galketiya, Mark Gottliebsen, Craig Lawler, Matthew O'Leary, Terry Quinn, Douglas Ralph, Elmar van Breda

Renison Mine

Adrian Buls, Shaun Charlesworth, Ron Foss, James Harvey, David Ling, Wilfred Peyroux, Stephen Rush, Ken Tatto, Samuel Tokporo.